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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> dana: we're going to get to kelly in just a second. jeff has travel times. tom is up in sky 3. >> tom: right now keeping it local, we're in the northeast valley, had report of an accident at sloan and lake mead
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i'm not seeing anything blocking travel lanes. this someone cleared out of the way so that is good news. >> jeff: thank you. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're looking at an accident in addition to what tom just showed us, tropicana and durango has an accident at the intersections there. 15 south bound between the and tropicana slow moving at nine minutes. >> kelly: we're seeing a little bit of haze out there, not as drastic as yesterday. still some smoke in the air. if you do have respiratory illness stay inside. it's a little improved from yesterday morning. 99 at noon and we have a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon
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we'll talk more about that and the haze coming up. >> dana: and the traffic situation is on the improve at least a little bit from that wildfire raging in southern california. north bound interstate 15 has reopened. going from los angeles here to las vegas, however the south bound lanes are still closed this morning. >> good morning. we did see a little i want to show you what is going on behind us. this gives you an idea of where we're located. we're two miles away from the town of wrightwood on highway 2. this fire as it continues to spread is a huge concern because there have been hundreds of structures damaged in other areas of the canyon. firefighters are using this highway as a break. they were digging trenches to
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further. to give you an idea of how fast it's spreading. firefighters said it took four to five minutes for the fire to go up a 3,000-foot ridge and hop to this side. they hope some of these breaks work. about 82,000 people have been evacuated. mandatory evacuations are still in place. some locals are deciding to stay in the area. fire officials estimate about 25,000 acres have been burned so far you live coverage all day today. stick with us out here. >> kim: before we let you go, when you made your way down, what was it like getting to where you are now? take us for the tour. >> when we left las vegas, the
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vegas. as we made the ride it was clear skies until we got to the area and there was a huge haze across the sky. it was eerie coming down the i15 because there was no traffic and i've never seen the i15 like that before in my life. coming in here, there is a little bit of traffic but not much going on except for fire. >> kim: stay safe and we'll see you in the next half hour of the program. a theft leaving metro looking for a nuclear device. officers say they are trying to find two nuclear density gauges stolen from a storage facility. this is from last thursday.
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soil particles and contain two radio active ice were tops. isotopes.if you know anything de stoppers. you can remain anonymous. >> dana: nearly 76 people overdosed on heroin in clark co drug up almost 40%. michelle joins us with what some are saying is a heroin epidemic. >> michelle: that is what substance abuse experts are saying here in the valley. not only have we talked to family members but we've talked to the people battling those addictions. a lot of them say prescription painkillers is what they started with and that led to the heroin
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overdosing from this drug. we talked to one woman, her name is angela, she's a patient here where we are reporting live this morning. she's going through medical detox. many admitting it started with prescription painkillers and they switched over to heroin. she says and a agree with this that heroin is a drug that is so easily accessible anywhere in the valley and it's cheap and that's why it's so easy to become addicted. >> it took one thing in my life, i lost everything in 2011 and then i justifying you'red i had nothing left to lose. people don't realize you have so much more to lose. >> it's killing many young people and it's not unique to
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numbers for heroin overdose and fatality since the 1970's. >> michelle: that's scary. since the 1970's we've not seen such a bad problem with heroin in our community. it is hard to get clean. addiction and recovery is very hard but there is a way to do it. you just have to reach out for help. there are a lot after you become detoxed, there are a lot of programs once you are released from the detox center that will help you stay on track. >> kim: i want to thank that young woman for sharing her story. you know the power of telling these stories like this. when you can put a face with addiction, it has way more impact than you and i talking
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live reporting from rio this morning. chloe working hard down there. one of the interviews she's been able to score has to do with the world famous marathoner. >> it's a beautiful day in rio. this afternoon it's going to be phenomenal. we did get a chance to talk to the marathon known from the london olympics for barely making it over the finish line. he collapsed after the finish line. that's what he's known for. he's back in rio this time for redemption. you are probably wondering what does samsung have to do with this. samsung is his sponsor and put a documentary together of him. it's called a fighting chance. yesterday we got to speak with
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it was hopping. but he tells us and his fans that he hopes that he can pull out a victory for he will be racing on sunday. i asked what he's been up to and he's been practicing very hard for this race. yesterday as a warmup he ran 10
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what is that in miles? >> dana: 6.2. >> kim: whenever she's not talking was you can keep one her every move and reed both doing a fantastic job documenting their journeys. >> dana: there was a push to go to the 70's. after a while we shoed the whole thing. the guy using suction cups to climb trump tower has been officially charged. we'll tell you what he was charged with coming up. >> kim: two u.s. swimmers yanked off a plane that was bound for the united states trying to get out of rio and authorities said not so fast.
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was recounted by ryan lochte. we have the breaking update headed your way. >> tom: little trouble on the surface streets. nhp is all over it. we'll give you an update in just a moment. >> dana: we're on the front lines of the blue cut fire in san bernardino with live reports from christy where we know that more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. fire officials say there will be a lot of families that will come
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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>> breaking news, a major drug bust going down in utah. police calling at this time big nest utah history. it was homeland security that tipped off police. this whole thing started man on the i15. police found 68 pounds of meth with a street value of at least $2 million in a suitcase in the trunk of that man's car. he was arrested and could face at least 10 years in prison if convicted on those drug charges. >> kim: a picture of a syrian boy is getting a ton of
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moment. you've got to see this. he's on your screen. it's obvious he's covered in dust. he's got blood dripping down his head. sitting in the back of an ambulance. this picture highlighting the desperation of the civil war and struggle. the image showing him covered head to toe, disoriented, seems barely aware of an open wound on his forehead. he was taken to a hospital and later this startling image from a video. they stilled it from a video and it is circulated by the media center. it is on fire online this morning. >> dana: hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in that civil war in syria. this picture brings all of that home. this is 19-year-old kid out of virginia climbing the side of the trump tower and now this young man has been formally
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courtroom. he was formally charged from his hospital bedside yesterday. he's charged with reckless endangerment, base jumping, criminal trespass. virginia native seen scaling that tower for three hours before they were able to get him into custody. bail set at $10,000. expected to make his next court appearance in october. >> kim: while most of you we that is different than what we're normally talking about on this program. it has to do with two u.s. swimmers taken off a flight. they were sitting oh on a plane bound for the united states. you see them walking through the airport now. this investigation has to do with a reported robbery targeting ryan lochte and some of his teammates. a lawyer for the two swimmers pulled from the plane says they are not going to be allowed to
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screen has a lot of people talking as well because the judge in brazil after he viewed this said they don't seem alarmed or shaken up. at some point they seem like they are joking around with each other. the judge found that questionable. there is ryan lochte, he recounted his story about what happened to him with a person holding a gun to his head after they were posing a's a police officer. lo and by the way, he's supposed to be here in las vegas in just a matter of days. before he parties here in las vegas, he has a lot of people asking questions. he did speak by phone with "the today show" and you are seeing this on your screen. he is saying he sticks by his original story but the taxi did not force them off the road. he may have been stunned and he had only had a couple of hours
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recounted that. says they were stopped at a gas station when they were robbed and not forced off the road. the gun was not pointed at his head but in his general direction. the story has changed a little bit but he's standing by they were held up at gunpoint. >> the other three guys still in rio, lochte back in the united states. tom has a check of traffic this morning. >> tom: looking pretty good for the most part. we all like to freeway and that is what is happening out here at the 215. looks like the crews are up and down the hill picking up trash. there is one little accident in the northwest part of town at the intersections of durango. a couple of pickup trucks involved. this is just off of the centennial park and ride area. they are in the process of clearing that one away as we continue with jeff. >> jeff: thank you. for the most part the freeways are clear.
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travel times looking good from 95 north bound to 95515 north bound coming in from henderson. six minutes from downtown to tropicana. we've been talking about the blue cut fire. north bound i15 is open. south bound lanes still we are partnering with waze. you can give us updates on your commute anytime, real time, just don't do it behind the wheel. kelly and dana standing by and we're talking about lightning. >> it's beautiful and dangerous but we have great pictures to
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>> kelly: if only we could take the floodwater from louisiana and dump tm that would be great. unfortunately that's knots how it works. the sun has come up. this is red rock this morning. we've seen a little bit of verga out there as well. a few light showers as we head further to the south. sunrise 84. spring valley 82. anthem you are at 79 this morning. here is a look at the radar. we're watching showers heading toward the phoenix area.
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light rain showers. not a lot going on. most of this being picked up between search light and bullhead city. we had a little over the las vegas valley as the sun was coming up. dry conditions right now. we could see thunderstorm activity or at least showers later on this afternoon. hazy conditions this morning. scattered light showers possible this afternoon. 104 is our expected high today. about 2-degrees above normal. tonight chance of 81 for the low. mostly sunny skies tomorrow through the weekend. 99 tomorrow and sunday. another chance of showers for monday. >> kim: another hover board making headlines this morning. remember around christmas time when we had scenes like this. we have another one this morning. >> dana: team u.s.a. making headlines on the track. these lovely ladies doing something that no other country
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>> kim: the g.o.p. is planning a contingency if donald trump falters. the republican national committee concedes it may divert resources away from the presidential contest in favor of senate candidates if trump's standing does not improve. live pictures out of our nation's capitol.
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>> tom: you're looking at a live shot of a trio of aircraft. down on the roads things are looking smooth right now. some hot air balloons up there this morning. we have hazy conditions in the skies. i want to take a look outside. the conditions look better than what we saw yesterday but you can see the air looks dirty this morning. as far as the temperatures are concerned, we're at 74 in pahrump. we're going to take a look at highs for the afternoon in about 10 minutes. >> kim: now someone says have you a dirty mouth, have you the air quality to blame.
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teenaging in supposedly caused by a hover board fire. >> dana: the guy had it plugged in for serial weeks here. he smelled smoke and finds his bedroom on fire. then the battery burst and shot across the hallway into another bedroom. that one caught on fire as well. he purchased the hover board online but that's the last time. there will not be another hover board in his house in the future. >> kim: you ever do i lean to help the running back just like aly's parents lean to help their daughter. now there is a fan who wants to help out the parents. it's a lot of fun and we'll share that story ahead. >> dana: live pictures from the blue cut fire from the air this morning. burning about three and a half hours from las vegas. we're going to take you live to the scene with our very own
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>> dana: team
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goodness no other country has ever done. we'll show it to you in moments. >> kim: also inspiring moment. this collision now has been seen all over the globe. it happened earlier in the week at the games. now this morning for the first time we're hearing from these women. you're going to hear them in their own words ahead. >> dana: welcome in. 6:30 on this thursday morning. that smoke las vegas valley. >> kim: we started the morning with it thicker than this yesterday then it cleared out. as you take in live pictures provided by tom in sky 3, it is evident it is back. we have live team coverage on this event causing the smoky skies here in southern nevada. >> dana: we are live from the front lines in san bernardino county. this thing has scorched more
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>> kim: only 4% contained. this is just awful in nature. we're hearing from veteran firefighters saying they've never seen anything like this. a lot of people when they finally go back to their homes, no chance that for many of them they are still standing. it is an active situation as we speak. they are having a hard time even getting the destruction count as far as how many structures have been wiped out because they are in full on saddle mode with this fire. >> d good news, north bound is reopen. that means people coming from los angeles to las vegas can get through. however, if you are headed from las vegas to los angeles, when you get just past victorville you have to detour. you get on the 18 and head west until you hit the 14. you take the 14 south and that hooks you up with i5 and that
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take you an extra hour or two. >> kim: more good news. we have a team of people in place for this breaking news event and what it means for you. let's start off with tom and sky 3. >> tom: i would go with the bigger number there at least two hours, taking the detour would add an hour. thousands and thousands of other motorist are doing the same thing on highways that aren't signed to handle interstate volume offense traffic and they are getting heading down to southern california by the detour. we're at the airport connector where have you a lot of work taking place but the commute is smooth right now. no delays we've noticed. >> jeff: the highways are clear in the metro area, that is good news. we're focused on this accident here at lake mead and sloan. still an issue at the intersections. 15 south bound is clear. and looking at travel times
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craig to downtown five minutes. 215 eastbound no problems. and summerlin parkway no delays there. as we continue the discussion about the fire, how is that air going to look today? >> kelly: looks better than yesterday morning. air still looks dirty and you can still smell it out there as well. if have you respiratory ailments, take it easy, stay inside as much as possible today. by noon 99-degrees. i think we'll see t we could see showers and maybe thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll talk more habit that coming up. >> dana: team u.s.a. continues to roll in rio. but away from the games, questions and controversy continue to surround four members of the united states swim team who say they were robbed at gunpoint by men posing as police. >> after being pulled from their
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more questions from detectives later today. they say there are inconsistencies about the stories about being robbed at gunpoint by men posing as police in rio. they hope to talk with ryan lochte who was involved in the accident but he's already returned to the u.s. >> the first sweep in this event in olympic history. >> so the games now and there is the women's 100-meter hurdle. the first ever sweep in the race by the u.s. >> we came together as girl power. >> a beautiful jump. >> a powerful performance helped
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track tonight. follow along with reed and chloe and our facebook page and i was looking at chloe's twitter feed yesterday, she has amazing stuff coming out of rio that we don't have time to show on the states, still in first place. 30 gold. china is second in the medal count, grain is now third. >> kim: if michael jackson were still alive, he'd be celebrating his 58th birthday this month. a lot of locals would like to pay tribute. there is a unique way you can get that done. kendall joins us live from the stratosphere this morning. we're going to have fun with
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grooving this morning. we are inside the stratosphere theater. this morning we are previewing michael jackson live. i can tell you i have seen the show, it is a tribute concert to michael jackson. it is going to be -- we have two impressive impersonate tosser. i want to see you moving and grooving with us this morning. i want to you teach me moves off to the side as >> let's do it. >> you've learned the moon walk earlier. >> yes, i tried to. >> let's do a round. >> going on until september 4 the matinee shows kids will be
6:37 am
paying adult. come out here. i want to do more moves. like that. >> kick and point like that. >> moms and dads, the kids will get in for free with one paying adult ticket. kendall jackson, back to you two. >> dana: we've seen the beauty in rio. one beach is being vandalized there. chloe with a live report on what you are seeing on your screen coming up. >> kim: more breaking news to share with you this morning concerning a fire. this is not in so cal. these live images out of the portland area. if you make out what is at the center of your screen, you can
6:38 am
large home in portland. we'll gather details and share
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>> kelly: what we're dealing with now is the hazy conditions ou look. you can make out the spring mountains. we're better than we were yesterday at this time. the sky looks dirty. it's hazy out there. air quality conditions not great. if you do have lung ailments, respiratory issues, stay indoors as much as possible.
6:42 am
humid. high today 80. humidity probably not much fun for the runners. >> dana: you've probably seen the pictures as a u.s. runners gets tangled up with a runner from new zealand. an incredible moment of sportsmanship. these two ladies are live on "the today show" talking about that moment. we have a preview in their own words ahead. >> kim: we transition to live pictures out of rio with the flame burning at the your screen. breaking news concerning a couple of top athletes yanked off a flight. they were sitting on the tarmac on the plane in rio trying to get back to the united states and two u.s. swimmers who had been out partying with ryan lochte were yanked from their flight not allowed to leave
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>> this is not out of california. this is out of pord, where this house aplaced at a million dollars fully engulfed in flames. firefighters arrived at 6:00 a.m. they are trying to contain this thing because it was starting to spread to nearby brush. they are having trouble getting to this fire because it is up a very steep driveway and not close to fire hydrants. we'll continue to monitor this developing story.
6:46 am
on that takes to us southern california. it's the blue cut fire and boy does it cut deep. as we speak, we are seeing flames dangerously close to you my friend. i know you are staying safe but as we're talking on live television those flames are consuming homes just east of los angeles. give us a progress report. >> it's been hillside for quite a while now. just to give you an idea of where we're at, the town of wrightwood is about two miles down this road. they are using this roadway as a break. one local evacuated area likened the sound of this fire to death flying over. he didn't want to leave but as the fire surrounded his house the sound was so intense he had to go.
6:47 am
were staying at home. they are worried about damage to the neighboring community here and once again the i5 north bound is reopened. south bound >> kim: i know with have numerous local families who have to get down to southern california. we talked to one yesterday.
6:48 am
college at san diego state so this affects many people and we'll have live team coverage throughout the day. >> dana: we've seen the beautiful places in rio thanks to chloe. there is one beach being destroyed by graffiti. we go live to reee right now. i can't believe somebody is doing this on a beautiful beach in rio. >> i know. it's crazy because you think coming to the games, some of the but as i was exploring, that was not the case here. the water looks nice. but get close to the rocks, you see large amounts of graffiti everywhere. i can't tell you what it says because i can't read or spec portuguese. a lot of tourist say it's an eye score when they come to a place known for beauty and beaches and mountains.
6:49 am
surrounded by and to have little clusters of graffiti ruins picture perfect moments especially for so many visitors and locals taking photos on the beach. that is just one thing we noticed. people taking advantage of the sights here and we'll bring you more photos not only on tv but on social media as we'll see you again live from that location tomorrow morning on the program. right now we focus on politics. with a new management team and new focus, donald trump is going to be in north carolina today trying to sway voters there. with that said, clinton continues her attack on trump's latest cam pony shakeup. >> hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign, they can make him read new words from
6:50 am
the same man who insults gold star families. >> he doesn't have a teleprompter. he's talking live off the top of his ed. there is edward lawrence joining us from washington, d.c. let's talk about trump yesterday and get real serious here he had his first national security briefing and from what i understand and the analysis afterward, they underscored to donald trump you cannot talk ab t this is information that is private. they had the meeting at an f.b.i. building in new york city where there was no way anyone could listen in. do you get the sense from his campaign he's taking this seriously? >> he is taking it seriously. but as i understand from that meeting what came out donald trump questioned the people who are giving out and holding on to that information questioning where their information is coming from.
6:51 am
that but where that information was coming from to see if that information was valid or not. he's taking this very seriously. he brought in a couple of aids to listen to that information. governor chris christie, a general that's been advicing donald trump came n. donald trump is doing this amid the shuffling of his campaign staff. he reorganized because of last night he went on fox news and did a town hall and talked about hillary clinton and how she handled iraq saying the way her policies played out in iraq allowed isis to form. trying to stick to the issues. you are going to see a trump from the primary going forward
6:52 am
free media, we'll be seeing donald trump ads on our airway. we're going back into olympic mode. an inspiring moment coming to us from out of the game. ed the to start with an awful moment. we're going to show that you as we speak. this was tuesday when that happened. all the world talking about it. now we're hearing from the runners about afterwards. >> everything happened so fast and it's all i know is that i got up and my first instinct was we got to finish this. and i don't think that was me. i think there was -- i think that was literally like the spirit of god in me. >> and the spirit of the olympics on full display with these two. you are going to hear both of
6:53 am
interview on "the today show" this morning. >> dana: jennings, just a stud debt in beach volleyball and april ross had to pick themselves up after the disappointment of defeat the night before. last night playing in the bronze medal they were all smiles. they are so happy to win the bronze. you are going to hear from them on "the today show." >> kim: after winning all the golds and being so excited about bronze, i heard her say that was the toughest match she's ever been a part of. >> tom: they all look tough. we've got road work here at the intersections where they have
6:54 am
a single lane. this is that utility work that's been working north over the past six months or so. watch out for a little restriction there but not a lot of traffic. >> jeff: if you are making your way through the bowl, 24 miles per hour on i15. starting to slow down. we have a slot spot to tell you about with travel times between downtown and tropicana, eight minutes. all other freeways forecast in addition to the impacts of the blue cut fire. we're seeing smoke again in southern nevada. >> kelly: not as dramatic as it was yesterday. we can at least make out the mountains in the distance. still looking at hazy conditions, looks dirty outside. you can make out the sheep range. there is still smoke in the air. if you have respiratory ailments
6:55 am
summerlin you are at 81. paradise 83. nellis 85 this morning. and triple digit day across the area. we have one little change in there. we could see a few showers. light shower activity near phoenix. here at home, quiet conditions now but we could see showers developing later this today. mesquite 104. primm looking at a high of 104. same in las vegas. hazy conditions this morning. chance of showers. maybe a roupable of thunder this afternoon. dry conditions for the weekend. we have a chance of showers monday , the highs will be in the upper 90's. >> dana: how do you celebrate your retirement from swimming? by going into the pool.
6:56 am
are back home in the phoenix area with his lovely fiance and his new son boomer. he posted these on instagram with the caption there is nothing like being back home, great way to spend my first day of retirement. little boomer with the shades on in the backseat as well. aly's parents hilarious. when she competes her parents can barely watch. they are a wreck. you can see my god i love these people. there is a woman out there who has a go fund me account trying to raise $500 to give these guys a spa day. runners at this year's rock and roll marathon are going to get a special performance before the race. the race is coming up on november 12 and 13. and snoop dogg is going to be performing for the runners
6:57 am
>> kim: the only thing that would make that better is if will farrell said some on join us. "the today show" next on this channel switch over to the cw and hang out with these two. they are a ton of fun and very knowledgeable. you are aware if you don't see snoop dogg at the marathon you can see him son is a freshman there. >> jeff: we are following a lot on wake one the cw including the effects of that blue cut fire still raging in southern california. we have a team on the ground.
6:59 am
7:00 am
this morning a clean swept of of gold, silver and bronze in the hurdles. plus, rallies in a dramatic fashion in bronze in beach volleyball. and hot water? two of ryan's teammates pulled from a team as they were on there way home from rio. officials now questioning the accounts of four swimmers that say that they were victims of a robbery. does the story hold up.


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